(English: Hedgehoghunter)

Windows Admin by day, Linux Admin and Shitposter by night. Full-time lover of freedom.

You might know me for my online video content such as Podcasts and a few Anime-Reviews I've made. Or my fediverse presence, if you're unlucky.

I work in IT. But I'm also into tech in my spare time when something piques my interest. My current OS of choice is Pop_OS. I speak both German and English fluently. Currently learning Japanese.

Have a nice day!


Here you can find ways to contact me in various ways:


Jack of all traits, master of none.

jaeger.website is my Misskey/Fediverse instance.

jpop.club is my Pleroma/Fediverse instance.

Pod-Pretentious Seasonal Inactive Seasonal Anime Podcast I recorded with friends for fun.

Pod-Pretentious General Topics Anime Podcast. Currently dead due to lack of members. (Wanna give it a try and join? Tell us!)

Anime Review YouTube Channel. Dead.